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Song Without Singing
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“Song Without Singing” (2015)
Creative Spirit Records
(available at iTunes)

  1. Song Without Singing
  2. How We See
  3. No Agenda

An explosive and eclectic musical experience that allows the listener to cross borders from jazz to world music and back.

CD features: Matt Clark, Marcos Silva, Erik Jekabson, Rob Roth, Alex Murzyn, Alan Hall, Phil Thompson, Greg Wyser Pratte, Matt Heulitt, Christian Pepin, Brian Rice, and Sandy Cressman


New Day
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New Day (2006)
Creative Spirit Records
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  1. New Day
  2. Eclipse
  3. Ice Nine

Riveting compositions ranging from burning bebop to bossa nova and soul. Multi-tiered arrangements and memorable compositions provide an aural feast.

CD features: Art Hirahara, Tim Bulkley, Erik Jekabson, Jeff Massanari, Noel Jewkes, Rob Roth, Michaelle Goerlitz, and more!


Learning Curve
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Learning Curve (2003)
Creative Spirit Records
(available at iTunes)

  1. I Wonder Why
  2. Learning Curve
  3. Secret Garden

Groovin’, modern improvisational music encompassing a diverse palette of sounds, from bebop and Latin to gospel and world.

CD features: Art Hirahara, Rob Roth, Don Beck, Michael Zilber, Tim Bulkley, Michael Bluestein, Bryan Bowman, and Michaelle Goerlitz.